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TDR Application 11: Flashing Brake Light

Add an additional brake light that flashes for 3 seconds

Status: Units are built to order - Please expect up to 1-week delay after receipt of order until order is shipped

One idea from a customer was to add an additional flashing light to a vehicle's brake lights, so that this light would turn on every time the brakes were applied, but only for 3 seconds (the regular brake lights would stay on continuously after this). For this, he had found a flashing LED light (the flasher function was built in), but needed a way to make it only stay on for 3 seconds.

The TDR-M momentary time-delay relay makes this work. By connecting the extra flashing light to the TDR-M relay, and triggering it from the brake light, the flashing light will come on for 3 seconds (or whatever time period you prefer), and then turn off, until it is triggered again by a new application of the brakes.

Note that the TDR-M has no flashing function of its own; you will need a light with its own flasher to do this.

Example 1: Flashing Brake Light with TDR-M

Flashing Brake Light Diagram

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Positive-Switching Momentary Time-Delay Relay (TDR-PM)
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Negative-Switching Momentary Time-Delay Relay (TDR-M)
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