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TDR Application 12: RV Turn-Signal-Triggered Monitor

Keep monitor on for 30 seconds after turning or changing lanes

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Many RV or motor home owners are now using LCD monitors with remote cameras to see around their vehicle when backing or turning, and some systems allow the monitor to automatically choose between three camera inputs, one for rear view, one for the left side, and one for the right side of the vehicle. These last two are triggered by the turn signals, so that the monitor turns on and shows the appropriate camera when the driver activates the turn signal. However, some drivers might find it useful to keep the monitor on for a short time after the turn signal turns off, instead of immediately losing the view to the side of the RV when the turn signal self-cancels.

The WolstenTech TDR can be used to accomplish this easily, as shown in the diagrams below. The first diagram shows a single-camera system, with both turn signals activating a single rear-view camera and keeping it on for as long as desired. The second diagram shows part of a three-camera system, with the turn signals activating separate cameras.

An example of a 3 camera input monitor system can be found here.

Example 1: Single-Camera System

Single Camera System Diagram

Example 2: Dual-Camera System

Dual Camera System Diagram

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