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TDR Application 13: Turn-Signal-Triggered Corner Lights

Status: Units are built to order - Please expect up to 1-week delay after receipt of order until order is shipped

One popular application for our relays is to add cornering lights to a vehicle, and have them turn on with the turn signals. The corner lights need to stay on continuously, and because the turn signals are flashing, this means you need something to translate the flashing signal into a continuous signal. The WolstenTech TDR relays will do this: as long as the time between the turn signals is less than the turn-off delay setting, they will keep their outputs on as long as the turn signal is flashing, plus that same duration after the turn signal is canceled.

Example 1: Corner Lights Activated with Turn Signals

Turn-Signal Activated Corner Lights

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Positive-Switching Time-Delay Relay (TDR-P)
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