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TDR Application 4: Motorcycle Dual Relay Start-up Delay with Auxiliary Lights

Avoid starting problems with dual TDRs and auxiliary lights

Status: Units are built to order - Please expect up to 1-week delay after receipt of order until order is shipped

This is similar to Application #3, except that the regular H4 lamp is left in place, but additional passing or auxiliary lights are added. Two TDR-PS relays are used to delay the start-up of all lighting. In addition, the relays are connected using a wiring harness that allows you to remove the relays if necessary and quickly return to stock configuration. Using an SPDT switch, the auxiliary lights can be switched between three modes: off, always on, or only on with high beams.

Example 1: H4 Headlight with Auxiliary Lights

H4 Headlight with Aux Lights Diagram

Item Added!
Positive-Switching Start-Up Time-Delay Relay (TDR-PS)
Price: $64 / pair