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TDR Application 6: Self-Cancelling Turn Signals for Motorcycles

Convert older motorcycles to single-push turn signals

Status: Phased out
Will be replaced soon by TSC (Turn Signal Controller) product, which will control turn signals for both sides, include an adjustable flashing function, and switch between sides.
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Many older motorcycles, including Harley-Davidsons, have turn signals that are activated with push-buttons, but with one annoyance: they require the rider to hold the button down as long as the signals are to stay on. As soon as you release the button, the turn signal turns off. This can be a nuisance, especially on the throttle side when taking right-hand turns, as you need to twist your wrist to control the throttle at the same time as you hold the turn-signal button down.

With the WolstenTech TDR-PMH time-delay relay, you can upgrade your motorcycle so that simply pressing the turn-signal button once turns on the turn signal, keeping it on for 30 seconds (or whatever time you prefer, up to 2 minutes). And if you need to turn your signal off early, you can press the button again, to cancel.

The diagrams below show how to wire the TDR-PMH relay into a motorcycles with pushbutton turn signals or with turn signals actuated by a switch. You will need two TDR-PMH relays, one for each side. Note that this relay works a little differently from the other TDRs: when turned on, it transmits power from the '2' terminal to the 'L' terminal, so that the vehicle's normal turn signal flashing behavior is retained. Note that the 'X' symbols indicate where you should cut the stock wiring.

Example 1: Turn Signals with Pushbuttons

Pushbutton Turn Signals Diagram

Example 2: Turn Signals with Switch

Switch Turn Signals Diagram