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TDR Application 7: Use Turn Signals as Running Lights

Use TDR to switch between running lights and turn signals

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One customer came up with this unique application for his motorcycle: he uses a voltage-reducer module, which outputs 4.5 volts, to turn his turn-signal lights into reduced-brightness running lights. However, he wanted the running light function to pause when he activated the turn-signals, and come back after 1 or 2 seconds.

This was made possible by the TDR-PO time-delay relay. Unlike the standard TDR, it is normally "on" when it is NOT triggered, and turns off when triggered. So when turn signals are not in use, it outputs +12V to the voltage reducer, which powers the turn signals at reduced brightness. When one of the turn signals is activated, this will trigger the TDR-PO, which will turn off the running lights, and keep them off for a few seconds (or whatever time you prefer) after the turn signal has been cancelled.

Note: because the trigger wires are connected to the output of the voltage reducer, this requires the voltage reducer to output 8 volts or less, to avoid continuously triggering the relay, and never having any running lights at all. Full-brightness running lights would require diodes to keep the TDR-PO from triggering itself. Those wanting to use LED signal lights as running lights would need to do this, since LEDs don't normally work at reduced voltage the way standard incandescent bulbs do.

Example 1: Running Lights with TDR-PO

Running Lights Diagram

Example 2: LED Running Lights with TDR-PO

LED Running Lights Diagram

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Positive-Switching Normally-On Time-Delay Relay (TDR-PO)
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