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TDR-O: Normally On Time-Delay Relay

Status: Units are built to order - Please expect up to 1-week delay after receipt of order until order is shipped

This version of the TDR basically works the opposite way as a normal TDR: when it is powered on, and no trigger signal is present, it turns on immediately. When a trigger signal is received, it waits for the delay time set by the "I" knob, and turns off. Then when the trigger signal disappears, it waits for the delay time set by the "O" knob and turns back on.

This relay is useful for applications where you want a device to be powered normally, and then turned off with a trigger signal, and rewiring your system to reverse this is too much trouble.

The specifications for this relay are the same as the normal TDR. In addition, this relay comes in both negative-switching (TDR-O) and positive-switching (TDR-PO) versions. If you're interested, just click on one of the buttons below!

Wiring these relays is the same as for the standard TDR and TDR-P relays.

TDR-O Time-Delay Timing Diagram
TDR-O Time-Delay Relay Timing Diagram

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Positive-Switching Normally-On Time-Delay Relay (TDR-PO)
Price: $32
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Negative-Switching Normally-On Time-Delay Relay (TDR-O)
Price: $32